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Beniton Construction - Meridian, ID


Job Description/Responsibilities

Position Overview: 

A Beniton Project Engineer is primarily responsible for coordinating, filing, tracking, logging, reviewing, and communicating information and documentation on a project.  The Project Engineer will also provide both technical and administrative assistance to the Project Manager and Superintendent as required; reporting directly to the Project Superintendent for all field related activities and to the Project Manager for all other activities.  In certain situations where responsibilities overlap, the Project Engineer may report to both the Project Manager and the Project Superintendent.  Specific job responsibilities and skills include, but are not limited to:



Project Startup/Preconstruction

  • Initialize project document logs (RFIs, Drawings, Submittals, etc.)

  • Thoroughly review the project specifications and create a schedule of all required samples, shop drawings, test reports, and other submittal requirements.  Organize the submittal schedule and communicate with the subcontractors to determine quantity of submittal packages, due dates, etc.

  • Coordinate with the Project Manager and Superintendent to identify critical long-lead items and develop the project procurement schedule

  • Collaborate with the Project Manager and Superintendent to create the Master Project Schedule

  • Assist Superintendent with the creation of a project specific safety plan

  • Assist the Project Manager with jobsite mobilization including coordinating the installation of utilities, office furniture, equipment, and computers.  Coordinate with Sawtooth to ensure remote access for all jobsite workstations.

  • Develop a thorough understanding of project plans and documents, assist the Project Manager with the plan review

  • Assist Superintendent with MEP and Finishes coordination, Floor Wall and Ceiling Coordination, etc.


Project Construction

  • Coordinate with the Safety Consultant and Project Superintendent to promote jobsite safety

  • Maintain familiarity with all relevant OSHA regulations and assist with maintaining an excellent relationship with OSHA

  • Assist in subcontractor safety monitoring

  • Collaborate with the Project Manager and Superintendent to maintain the Master Project Schedule

  • Assume responsibility for maintaining a current procurement schedule.  Collaborate with the Project Manager and Superintendent to guarantee that the procurement schedule is up to date and accurate at all times

  • Organize, manage, and track the entire submittal/shop drawing review process to ensure that all required submittals will be reviewed and approved in a timely matter and will not disrupt the construction schedule.  Specific responsibilities include:

    • Tracking receipt of submittals from subcontractors to ensure timely submission to Architect for review

    • Work with PM to review subcontractor submittals for accuracy and completeness prior to submitting to the Architect

    • Forward submittals to the Architect for review and approval, coordinate with the Architect to promote timely approval of critical submittals

    • Track receipt of submittals from the Architect and forward the reviewed submittal to the appropriate subcontractor

    • Maintain a current and accurate submittal log and file system


  • Work with the field supervision team and the Project Manager to create clear and concise Requests for Information that will be understood and answered by the Project Design Team, with minimal effort, the first time.  Whenever possible recommend a suggested response to the RFI

  • Maintain a current and accurate RFI log and file.  Spearhead the process of expediting solutions.

  • Maintain a thorough understanding of field operations at all times

  • Ensure that all field installations are in accordance with the plans and specifications

  • Verify material placement, including the layout of embeds, roof openings, floor openings, stairway clearances, elevator hoist way clearances, etc.

  • Collaborate with the Project Superintendent on MEP ceiling and wall coordination meetings.  Develop ceiling and wall coordination plans for field use to ensure that the layout for lights, registers, sprinkler heads, etc. is aesthetically pleasing

  • Collaborate with the Superintendent on Mechanical and Electrical room layout and coordination

  • Collaborate with the Project Manager to identify and execute mock-up requirements, per contract documents

  • Continually obtain and track required permits to ensure no disruption in the project schedule

  • Monitor subcontractor inspections

  • Create and maintain a file of jobsite progress photos of overall construction work in place

  • Assist the Project Manager with change order coordination.  Specific tasks include:

    • Review drawings for potential changes

    • Verify that change information is accurately communicated to the field in a timely manner

    • Work with the Project Manager and Superintendent to identify potential changes in the field

  • Assume responsibility for coordinating and tracking the distribution and storage of all project engineering documents, including:  drawing sets, specifications, sketches, ASIs, permits, etc.  Specific tasks include:

    • Receive, log, and file all drawing and specification revisions

    • Timely distribution of drawing revisions to affected subcontractors and Beniton employees

    • Maintain a Record Set of drawings

    • Maintain complete Permit files

  • Create, distribute, and file accurate meeting minutes for all project management meetings, including:  Owner, Architect, Contractor meetings, Subcontractor meetings, Beniton team meetings, etc.

  • Document and disperse information resulting from verbal communications in the field.  Follow up any required changes with a confirming RFI.

  • Assist the Superintendent with subcontractor coordination.  Including the coordination drawing process, subcontractor coordination meetings, etc.

  • Assist the Project Manager and Superintendent with the review of T&M tickets

Project Completion

  • Monitor owner FF&E process for affect on the Beniton schedule

  • Collaborate with the Superintendent and Project Manager to develop a “Road Map to Completion” for all work elements.

  • Work with Superintendent to coordinate Fire/Life Safety testing

  • Assist Superintendent to complete the punch list process

  • Obtain all contractually required warranties from subcontractors and vendors

  • Closeout all permits

  • Complete and file As-built drawing set

  • Assume responsibility for Attic stock and O&M manual turnover to the owner

  • Assist Project Manager and Superintendent with tracking, statusing, scheduling, and coordinating all owner turnovers (TCO, CofO, Finals)

Please send resumes to with Project Engineer in the subject line.

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