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To Our Valued Owners, Contractors, Suppliers and Vendors,

Beniton Construction does not take the COVID 19 pandemic lightly.  We believe there is an implied responsibility that goes along with being in business during the current social and economic climate.  We strive to ensure that everyone on our projects is able to work safely and stay healthy so we do not become a part of the problem.  We ask that each of the contractors working on our projects also take this situation seriously and work with us to mitigate the risk associated with spreading this contagious virus. Beniton will provide sanitary bathroom and wash facilities, hand sanitizer, etc. on our job sites so it is available to those working on our projects. We also believe in the freedom of choice and unless local mandates, OSHA regulations, etc. provide specific direction on wearing masks or other PPE, we will not require any action beyond what is required in the jurisdiction where the job site is located. 

Our office is open and our staff is available and actively working on your project. The precautions and procedures as put forth by the Governor of Idaho, Department of State, and CDC are being referenced regularly and applied accordingly in our office as on our job sites. We are committed to adapting to any changes these jurisdictions may deem necessary, and will keep you informed as they may affect our projects.  Please call with any concerns or questions so we can work through these challenging times together.

Updated: 02/15/2021

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