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We work for you!

Our goal is to provide the best service and information so you can make informed decisions!

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Sandy Irvine
Division Manager

Eli 2019.jpg

Eli Miller

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tech

Tony 2019.jpg

Tony McNeill
Door & Hardware Maintenance Tech

Eric Olsen 2021.jpg

Eric Olsen
On-Site Maintenance Technician

Melanie W 2021.jpg

Melanie Webb
Valet Parking Attendant


Igor Nazaradeh
Mobile Maintenance Technician

Greg M 2021.jpg

Greg Morris
HOA Property Maintenance Technician

Why Choose US?

Because equipment failure and accidents never seem to occur during regular business hours, Beniton Building Services offers 24/7 emergency support and management. We provide a single point of contact to keep your facility up and running.

We collaborate with you to establish building or service goals and customize a plan appropriate for your business. We can also provide associated costs so you can make informed budget decisions.

Our trade contractors are vital to our business. We treat each one fairly, schedule work accurately, and pay them promptly. With our knowledge of area disciplines, we can recommend the best fitting teams if required.

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